Red Oaks Mill Airport

From, and thanks to, Paul Corish...

Here are a few pictures taken at the Red Oaks Mill Airport when it was a thriving concern. In the photo of the old couple (my favorite) and the Trimotor, the biplane to the right is Captain Johnny Miller's New Standard D25.

They were taken by the grandfather of a friend of mine, who has since passed.

Barnstorming1 Barnstorming4
Barnstorming3 Barnstorming2

Here's some history from local pilot Charles Conklin...

There were weekly "airshows" and I remember one in particular, the Ford [Tri-Motor], an American Airline Curtis Condor, a Fokker D-8, a Spad and several other biplanes. Also there was a German pilot who was an ace from WW1.

Every one of these airplanes was STOL [Short TakeOff and Landing] like maybe 3-400'. I rode in the EAA Ford, in the right hand seat, and actually flew it for 10-15 minutes. A Sherman tank with wings.

I would guess [it was the] early to mid 30's. The German ace ended up in the Luftwaffe. He survived WW2.