From: Felicia Salvatore
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 1:17 PM
To: Neil Wilson; Eric Hollman
Cc: Mark Fink
Subject: FW: Hudson Heritage Draft Scope Comments

Attachments: Buechele-2008HudsonHeritageScopingComments.pdf



Can you please post Virginia A. Buechele’s  comments to the web- I guess the 2015 ones are in the body of email and there are 2008 comments attached?





Felicia Salvatore, Town Clerk

Town of Poughkeepsie

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Poughkeepsie, NY 12603



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From: GinnyB []
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 10:26 AM
To: Felicia Salvatore <>
Subject: Hudson Heritage Draft Scope Comments


Dear Supervisor Tancredi and Town Board Members,


As a neighbor to the Hudson Heritage Project and a local historian with the preservation of local history and the built environment matters of concern, as well as a local taxpayer. . . . .


I write to add to and confirm my oral comments of August 19, 2015


Firstly in confirmation regarding the inclusion of the following in regard to any discussions in regard to Historical and Cultural  Resources Section M - Page 22 of the Draft Scope


Dutchess County Historian

William P. Tatum III

Dutchess County Historian

Office of the County Clerk

22 Market Street

Poughkeepsie, NY  12601

Office Phone: 845-486-2381



Dutchess County Historical Society

Officers and Board of Trustees

(549 Main Street)

P.O. Box 88


New York 12602

Phone: 845.471.1630

Fax:: 845.471.1634



HRSH/HRPC/Hudson Heritage Project Site holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many Dutchess County residents Past and Present.  If you have lived here any length of time or had family from here it is bound to have touched your life or the life of someone you love or have loved at some point. It is my opinion County Degreed Professionals must be consulted along with SHPO and the Town HPC in regard to Historical and Cultural Resources and their significance. County Organizations and Entities must not be overlooked when it comes to this aspect of the projects existing, future and proposed development as well as the recording of significant historical data & artifacts for future reference and posterity.


Secondly, and this may be in line with the previously articulated Rte 9 Transportation Study:[Section J – Page 17)


I strongly urge inclusion in site development and plans the option of a connecting road from Rte. 9 to Rte. 9 G.


Also, Rte 9 Pedestrian Crossings should be kept to a minimum – Most recently this Marist Nightmare situation was corrected with tunnel construction  - Let’s us not recreate that nightmare with this project.


I am extremely concerned with Traffic not only from this project but with the cumulative impacts of recent traffic increases from the Marist – Arts and Sciences Building, Beck Place and the anticipate Fairview Commons Project, Fulton Street and Fairview Avenue – and the upcoming development of the 51 Fulton Street Property (Marist) – After all a majority of this traffic will dump out on Rte 9 and be comingled with the traffic from this site.


Thirdly  in addition to my oral comments and also in consideration of cumulative impacts most recently experienced in the 4th Ward of the Town of Poughkeepsie,  I am concerned with the impact on POLICE services and urge an independent study financed by the developer & required by the Town on Police services of not only this project but the cumulative impacts including but not limited to those previously mentioned as well as future ones now known to be in the planning pipeline.   With the rising cost of public pensions – I cannot foresee the tax revenue from this project (without knowing what tax certioraris may follow down the road) will cover the impact to local taxpayers -  the last I knew the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Budget was nearly half the Town Budget. Mitigation for the Impact of this Project on Police Services must be addressed in the Scope and subsequent DEIS/FEIS – This is a health and safety issue and as such is one of the main responsibilities of our elected officials to the Citizens it represents. With the number of structures and residences planned there will certainly be an increase in the permanent population as well as the transient population which the taxpayers must shoulder.


As Mr. Beretta said at the public hearing was recently quoted in Aug. 22 Poughkeepsie Journal article


” Town resident Jim Beretta, 60, questioned whether the additional load placed on POLICE and fire will offset any tax gains.

“That never comes out,” Beretta said. “I don’t know who has a model that is going to be able to show that those services are going to get the revenue to cover the load that will be put on them. The (town) board and the residents need to consider that, too.” [ I AGREE ]

Fourthly,  as a neighbor to the site, I am concerned about the noise associated with  demolition and construction and would request that if at all possible adjacent neighbors are notified in advance of any demolition.  Mitigation in consideration of the Windsor Court Neighborhood of Dust and Noise etc. must be addressed in the Final Scope.

Fifthy, as an addendum to this submittal, I am attaching my previous 2008 Scoping Comments for the Scope presented by the previous developer and would request that if they are not covered in the Draft Scope Under Consideration that same be included in the Final Scope this process will produce.

Thank You in Advance,

Virginia A. Buechele, 16 Windsor Court, Poughkeepsie, NY

Mail to: P. O. Box 243, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569