What work can be done without a permit?

Interior and exterior painting or decorating siding, or roofing that does not require replacing of structural members or necessary repairs that do not involve material alteration of structural features. Examples of items not needing a permit would include replacement of broken window glass, repair of a frozen water pipe and changing of an electrical fuse, or the replacement of a broken or missing electrical receptacle. When in doubt about the need for a permit, please contact the Building Department at 845-485-3655.

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1. What is a permit?
2. Why are permits issued?
3. What is the purpose of the Building and Fire Codes?
4. Who has permit authority?
5. When is a permit required?
6. What work can be done without a permit?
7. How much do permits cost?
8. When are stamped plans and construction specifications required?
9. How many copies of the plans and specifications are required when applying for a building permit?
10. How long do I have to obtain a permit?
11. Do I need any other approval from other departments or agencies prior to issuance of my permit?
12. What happens if I start work without first obtaining a permit?
13. What if I have additional questions concerning building permits or code regulations?