Dutchess Turnpike Milemarker 3


3 Miles to P.C. House


The milestone is located on the north side of U.S. Route 44 in the Town of Poughkeepsie between Overlook Road (200 yd) and Overocker Road (225 yd). Coordinates are 41.700933°, -73.8742°. The deed for the adjacent property [1] indicates the milestone reads “3 miles”. A rudimentary deed search found this or similar language in the description of the property as far back as 1906 [3]; earlier deeds could not readily be located. The milestone is therefore on the border between the NYSDOT right-of-way for Route 44 and the property at 779 Dutchess Turnpike, making the owner of the milestone unclear.


This stone was located by the NYSDOT ROW Mapping Group in November 1979 [4] as on left side of the road, 0.8mi east of the Rt 44/Burnett Blvd intersection. In 1984 [2], stone #3 was identified as being recently missing but formerly located “on the north side of Route 44 a few hundred feet east of Adams’ Fairacre Farms”.


[1] Deed (document #908) dated January 22, 2013 between Dandendeau Properties LLC and Cristantiello Inc. for 779 Dutchess Turnpike at Section 6262, Block 04, Lot 531025 in Town of Poughkeepsie. 

[2] Dutchess County Historical Society Year Book 1984, page 153-170, “Turnpikes of Pleasant Valley” by Alson D. Van Wagner

[3] January 15, 1906 deed from D. Henry Ackert and Eliza Ackert to Edward W. Lawson, Liber 344 Page 395. Described one of the spots along the property boundary as “…the present location of the third mile stone from the Poughkeepsie Court House…” Other deeds located in the search: L347/P478 (1906), L370/P18 (1911), L381/P191 (1913), L616/P348 (1944), L369/P599 (1944), L1403/P704 (1975), L1516/P794 (1978) [parcel described as surveyed by Frank S. Hopkins 5/13/1944], Doc #3372 from 2011.

[4] Undated (circa 1980) untitled writeup on history of Dutchess Turnpike compiled by K. Chapman of NYSDOT Region 8; document retained by NYSDOT Region 8 ROW Mapping Group