Abraham Fort House

Location: 2228 South Road

Town of Poughkeepsie Historic Site - 2228 South Road

Privately owned

The original portion of the Abraham Fort House (Fort Homestead) was constructed sometime between between 1742 and 1759. There have been many additions to the original two-room house throughout the years to accommodate the various families and organizations that have owned the house.

Ownership of the property remained in the hands of the Fort Family descendants until the late 19th century. Two other families owned property and until 1944 the homestead was a working 300-acre farm. From 1944 to 1957, IBM owned the property. During this time, Thomas Watson, Sr. refurbished the homestead and he and his wife furnished the house with many of their own personal authentic period furniture. The Miller Family purchased the homestead from IBM in 1957 and called it the “Colonial House.” In 1991, ownership of the homestead reverted to IBM. IBM rented the homestead and other nearby residences to employees and used it for other occasions. The property was sold to Casperkill I LLC, a development company, in 2004.

More detailed history can be found at the website of the Fort Homestead Association.  The Fort Homestead Association is a non-profit friends group dedicated to the protection, preservation, and restoration of the home.