Receiver of Taxes

NOTICE: We are currently experiencing problems with our Water and Sewer Credit Card Payment System and cannot accept these payments online.  You can pay by Credit Card at the Town Hall Tax Window.

This does not affect the 2023 Town and County tax payments - you can use our online payment portal for tax payments.


The 2023 Town/County bills will be mailed out in mid-January.  If you have recently moved, paid off your mortgage, or refinanced with a different lending institution please notify this office as soon as possible.

Thank you, 

Kelly Tremper
Receiver of Taxes

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. An additional processing fee is applied to credit and debit cards.

Tax Rolls

Dutchess County has the tax rolls by town/city and school districts online. You can search the address, parcel number. It does not state if paid.

New $500,000 Income Limit for Basic STAR Property Tax Exemption

Legislation requires that taxpayers who earn more than $500,000 will no longer receive the Basic STAR exemption. Learn more details.