Permit Applications & Submittal Requirements

  1. Above and Inground Pool Building Permit Application and New York State Residential Code Pool Barrier Requirements (PDF)
  2. Affidavit of Exemption to Show Specific Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance (PDF)
  3. Air Conditioner Installation Requirements (PDF)
  4. Commercial Building Code Checklist (PDF)
  5. Deck and Open Porch Enclosed Unheated Porch Building Permit Application (PDF)
  6. Demo Permit Application (PDF)
  7. Electrical and Low Voltage Permits Application (PDF)
  8. Fire Alarm Permit Application (PDF)
  9. Floodplain Development Permit Application (PDF)
  10. Generator Permit Application (PDF)
  11. Heating Appliance Permit Application (PDF)
  12. Heating Contractors (PDF)
  13. Heating Permit Application (PDF)
  14. Modular Single Family Residential Plan Submittal Requirements and Building Permit Application (PDF)
  15. New Commercial Building Addition - Plan Submittal Requirements and (R Occupancies) Building Permit Application (PDF)
  16. New Single Family Residential Addition To Single Family Plan Submittal Requirements and Building Permit Application (PDF)
  17. Plumber Authorization Letter (PDF)
  18. Plumbing Contractors (PDF)
  19. Property Search Request (PDF)
  20. Public Assembly Application (PDF)
  21. Renovation To Commercial Building Plan Submittal Requirements and (Includes R Occupancies) Building Permit Application (PDF)
  22. Security System Application (PDF)
  23. Shed Building Permit Application (PDF)
  24. Single Family Home Replacement Window and Door Application (PDF)
  25. Single Family Home Roofing Application (PDF)
  26. Single Family Residential Renovation Plan Submittal Requirements and Building Permit Application (PDF)
  27. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Requirements for Existing Homes (PDF)
  28. Special Inspection Program (PDF)
  29. Town Approved Electrical Agencies (PDF)

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