MacDonnell Heights

DEIS Documents  

2017-09-08 Plans - Drawing Set

DEIS Completeness Notice

DEIS Completeness Resolution

Environmental Notice Bulletin Form

  DEIS by Chapter

0 Cover Page and TOC

1 Executive Summary_Final

2 Description of the Proposed Action_Final

3A Land Use Zoning and Public Policy_Final

3B Community Character and Visual Resources_Final

3C Geology_Final

3D Surface Water Resources_Final

3E Stormwater Management_Final

3F Water Final

3G Sanitary Sewage_Final

3H Solid Waste_Final

3I Vegetation and Wildlife_Final

3J Traffic Transportation Pedestrians and Transit

3K Community Services_Final

3L Fiscal and Economic_Final

3M Historic and Cultural Resources

3N Hazardous Materials_Final

3O Noise_Final

3P Air Quality_Final

3Q Construction Impacts_Final

4 Alternatives_Final

5 Significant Impacts that Cannot Be Avoided_Final

6 Growth Inducing Impacts_Final

7 Effects on the Use and Conservation of Energy Resources_Final

8 Irreversible and Irretrivable Commitment of Resources_Final

DEIS Document_09.27.17

  DEIS Appendices by Chapter

Appendix A Scoping Document, EAF, and Positive Declaration

Appendix B Soil Survey Map and Soil Classification Report

Appendix C Wetland Delineation Report

Appendix D Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

Appendix E SWPPP with Figures_09.08.17

Appendix F Draft Facilties Plan - Existing Conditions and EIS

Appendix G Hudsonia Report

Appendix H Traffic Impact and Access Study

Appendix I Community Providers Letters and Responses

Appendix J Phase I Archeological Report

Appendix K Phase I Architectural Report

Appendix L Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment

Appendix M Letter from Town Zoning Administrator

Appendix N_Site Plan Set_9.12.17

Lead Agency Scoping Documents  

MacDonnell Heights Town Center Site Plan Review

2016-02-02 EIS Authorization letter

2016-02-29 SEQR Lead Agency Circulation

2016-03-08 Town Recreation comments

2016-03-14 DCDOH letter re SEQRA

2016-03-15 zoning consent to LA

2016-03-18 DC Planning comments

2016-03-28 NYSPRHP comments

2016-06-27 DOT Comments

2016-08-15 Resolution for Pos Dec

2016-08-18 Pos Dec Draft Scope for Website

2016-08-18 Pos Dec Draft Scope

MacDonnell Heights Illustrative Plan

MHTC letter, application & EAF

Scoping Documents Received:

2016-08-25 Bob Balkind comments

2016-08-25 DCDPW scoping comments

2016-09-13 NYSDOT letter

2016-09-26 Charles Agro Comments

2016-09-26 Christine Agro comments

2016-09-28 Kelly Tremper comments

2016-09-29 Daniel Ortega comments